San-dan-beki Cliffs and Cave 三段壁 断崖と洞窟

The San-dan-beki Cliffs, located along the southeast shore of the Kii Peninsula (Wakayama Prefecture), are exceedingly steep. One thousand year ago, Kumano pirates hid their ships in this deep cove. In a sense, they are local folk hereos: They bravely fought in battles of the Genpei War (civil war 1180-1185) and eventually made a great contribution to the victory of the Genji clan. read more


Odaiba Waterfront Sunset

Tokyo is not just a concrete jungle. A blue sky, glittering sunlight, and a gentle sea are here in the heart of Tokyo. The shoreline of Odaiba is one of the best sunset spots in the Tokyo metropolitan area. This seaside town has been developed at a very high pace since 1995. Especially around Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Line, there are many fun and interesting facilities such as the spherical observatory “Hachitama,” Diver City Tokyo, Aqua City Odaiba, Hotel Nikko Tokyo, and others. read more

テーマ: 東京23区 | ジャンル: 地域情報

Japanese Folding Fan: 扇子

Sensu (folding fans) combine sophisticated traditional styles with a dash of modern elegance. Quite useful for cooling down during Japan's hot summer months!



Iris Fields in Meiji Jingu 明治神宮御苑 菖蒲田

In June, more than 2000 iris flowers are in bloom at the inner garden of Meiji Jingu (Shrine). The garden was originally part of a Daimyo’s residence in the Edo era (1603-1868). But after the Meiji Restoration, it was put under the Imperial Household Agency. Emperor Meiji built a teahouse and arbors, and planted various iris flowers here. read more

テーマ: 東京23区 | ジャンル: 地域情報

Edokiriko Glass 江戸切子


Edokiroko is a Japanese traditional glass art created by an artisan 180 years ago. Since then, craftsmen have made great efforts to make them better and better. The original designs were taken from food and plants common in our daily life in Japan.



Walking around Shirakawa-go 飛騨白川郷をゆく

There were many pretty little flowers blooming in Shirakawa-go in late May: marguerite, clematis, spirea, iris, and others. They were swinging along in the soft breeze. Walking around the paths, I sometimes stopped and listened to a variety of sounds of nature. read more

テーマ: 日本の旅 | ジャンル: 旅行

Wada House, Biggest in Shirakawa-go 白川郷最大の合掌造り民家 和田家住宅

The Wada Family had been one of the leading families of the village from generation to generation. Some parts of the Wada House are open to the public today, and we can see a little of what their lives were like in the old days. read more

テーマ: 歴史・文化にふれる旅 | ジャンル: 旅行

Once-in-a-Lifetime experience in Shirakawa-go 一度は泊まってみたい白川郷・合掌の宿 

Shirakawa-go, nestled in at the edge of the Shokawa River, is famous for its Gassho-zukuri (houses with thatched roofs) village. From the village, you can command a fine view of the snow-covered Mt. Hakusan. The uniquely shaped houses and their roofs have been passed down and protected from generation to generation since 400 years ago. In 1976 the village was selected as a national preservation district for the group of a historic buildings there, and then, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. read more

テーマ: 歴史・文化にふれる旅 | ジャンル: 旅行

Shirakawa-go's Yamamoto-ya 飛騨白川郷 山本屋

Yamamoto-ya serves soba at lunchtime (11:00 AM to 2:00 PM) from mid April to late November. And in winter, it becomes a guesthouse. You can make a reservation for an overnight stay by phone or through the Internet. They begin taking reservations for December in November. read more


山本屋郷土料理(その他) / 白川村その他)

昼総合点★★★★ 4.0

テーマ: 歴史・文化にふれる旅 | ジャンル: 旅行

Shirahama Beach Sand-Art Contest 南紀白浜のビーチでサンドアートコンテスト

Shirara-hama Beach in Shirahama Kaigan Park is a beautiful white sand beach with a gently curving coastline. This is a popular resort area that includes hot springs and the sea.

On a Sunday in late May, lots of people from around the town, neighboring towns, the prefecture, and even from abroad came to this beach. They participated in a Sand-Art Contest and the Shirahama Sand Festival. read more