Lake Mashu 摩周湖

Lake Mashu in east Hokkaido is a deep blue beautiful lake, but it’s quite rare to be able to see the entire lake at one glance, especially in summer when the sky is not clear. We Japanese call it “The foggy lake of Mashu.”
Because of the precipitous cliffs around this lake, it quite often happens that a thick fog shows up that lasts all day long. Weather data indicates that there are more than 100 days per year where Lake Mashu is enveloped in heavy fog.
But what luck! We saw the entire lake on this occasion in mid-September. It was beautiful day and both the sky and lake were almost crystal clear.


テーマ: 北海道 | ジャンル: 旅行

Lake Saroma サロマ湖

Lake Saroma, the largest lake in Hokkaido, used to be part of the Okhotsk Sea 1000 years ago. But it was gradually separated from the sea due to sand deposits. On the road from Kitami, we stopped the car and saw a double layer of blue: Lake Saroma and the Sea of Okhotsk behind some beautiful green fields. At a nearby observatory, we enjoyed views of Shiretoko Peninsula to the east, and the complicated inlet of the Monbetsu region to the west.
Lake Saroma in September was fresh and gorgeous with clusters of red salicornia here and there along the shore.


テーマ: 北海道 | ジャンル: 旅行

How to make Halloween Bunny Decoration ハロウィーンうさぎの作り方

1. Witch‘s Hat: ¼ of black origami paper
2. Crescent Moon on the Back Screen: Orange origami paper + black origami cut in a crescent shape
3. Witch’s Cloak: ½ of black origami + red ribbon
4. Pumpkins: Paper Clay, red + yellow paint, black and brownish origami paper


Bunny: Paper clay + Beads
Here is the tutorial for making Paper Clay Bunny. 作り方はこちら↓

Pumpkin stand: White origami paper
Here is the tutorial for making a small box. 作り方はこちら↓

Use a small Tray to hold the decorations.

Also: glue, scissors, and a ruler.

テーマ: ハンドメイド | ジャンル: 趣味・実用

Ainu Traditional Dance アイヌ古典舞踊

Ainu Traditional Dance is a unique dance performance by indigenous Ainu scattered in Tohoku, Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and Kurile Islands. We can see it at “Theater Icoro” near Lake Akan, Hokkaido. A 30-minute performance goes on a few times a day from 11:00 AM during May to October. Ainu has performed these ethnic dances in some rituals, celebrations, or other times for more than 800 years. They sing their unique songs with beating their hands to songs.


テーマ: 北海道 | ジャンル: 旅行

Lake Akan 阿寒湖

Lake Akan is a freshwater lake sitting in the center of East Hokkaido. It is also a famous place for velvet-like moss globes of Marimo that are formed by the complex tides of the lake. Taking a pleasure boat and landing at Churui Island, we can see beautiful Marimo moss balls, with the largest being 30cm in diameter.
Early in the morning, we went up Mt. Hakutosan near the lake. It was really impressive to see Lake Akan and Mt. Oakan with thin layers of clouds hanging over their crowns.
Along the lakeside, there is a site of the bubbling mud of an active volcano, called “Bokke” in Ainu meaning boiling place.


テーマ: 北海道 | ジャンル: 旅行

Kushiro Wetlands 釧路湿原

Kushiro, located in East Hokkaido, has the largest wetlands in Japan. There are a few observatories in the area, well maintained wooden walkways, paved roads, a slow train line, and canoe tours where you can enjoy viewing various wild animals, and these huge grasslands.
We went there in early autumn, and saw white-tailed eagles, cranes, deer, and other creatures.


テーマ: 北海道 | ジャンル: 旅行